Innovative technologies of a region’s healthcare system management

ATRIA Group international holding operates in the field of developing and improving informational-analytical management systems for enhancing effectiveness of healthcare. The holding develops regional systems in compliance with the principle of full compatibility, full disclosure and involvement in the medical informational space, and also management systems for medical facilities of different levels and classes.

The problem of enhancing effectiveness of healthcare management is directly relevant to improvement of methodological approaches to managing the industry as an economic system, development of proposals on increasing effectiveness of managing all its elements on the basis of industrial management methods and using advanced information technologies. A product line for healthcare management – Dispatch Center (DC) appeared as a practical result of the company’s research in this field.

The subsystem Planned Hospitalization was among the first in the product line. The technology used in this product is designed for dividing the treatment process into stages and distributing the stages among medical facilities of different levels. The implemented approach aims at changing the practice pattern of using expensive resources for routine medical services and increasing expensive beds turnover by using them more efficiently.

The Central Archive of Medical Images (CAMI) was realized at the next stage. The system is based on the united centralized storage of medical images which are received from diagnostic devices of the region’s medical facilities. CAMI realizes immediate exchange of images between all participants of the diagnostics and treatment process, thus providing wide opportunities for organization of remote consultations of specialists, a medical facility’s conversion to the united informational space with filmless mode of work, reliable and long-term preservation of a patient’s visual data.

The regional solution consists of 7 subsystems which make the DC a full-scale tool for managing territorial healthcare. The DC is a scalable system and can be used for IT penetration of a region’s healthcare system for an unlimited number of business processes.

Timeliness of creating the product has been confirmed by the results of implementing the DC in Russian regions. Actual results have been achieved: access to services, patients’ satisfaction with services, economy of healthcare resources have been increased, life standards have been improved.
The listed regional solutions were highly appreciated by specialists. The Russian Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development acknowledged the solution to be «The Best healthcare information system of Russia». The inter-departmental working group for regional informatization under the Russian President for development of informational society named DC «The Best solution in informational-analytical maintenance of healthcare services». Results of the solutions are protected by 19 copyright certificates and presented in three monographs and dozens of specialized scientific papers.


June 2010


Abstract of the report at the First All-Ukrainian Congress «Medical and Biological Informatics and Cybernetics», Kiev