Implementation of innovative medical projects: Russian experience for Ukraine

Everybody is talking about the urgent necessity of healthcare reforms today – patients, doctors, the country authorities. A full-scale reform of the healthcare system is planned to be carried out in Ukraine starting from 2013, Irina Akimova, First Deputy Head of the Ukrainian President’s administration, said. Before that, experiments in pilot projects will begin in regions in 2011.

Electronic archive of Diagnostic Images

It is impossible to imagine modern medicine with no diagnostic equipment that produces diagnostic images. No wonder that the tasks of developing an electronic archive of such images, its integration with equipment and providing access to such diagnostic data for medical facilities are of current interest. CIR company developers created a system called CIR.Radiology to tackle these tasks. The system is designed for upgrading the quality and efficiency of diagnostic processes at medical facilities and providing a foundation for implementing resource-saving filmless and paperless work technologies.

Kazan Inter-regional Center makes its choice

Technocracy is usually considered to be inhuman. However, if we remember all our experiences with medical facilities, we would often catch ourselves thinking that it could be reasonably good to entrust some work to heartless equipment.