Is High-Quality Public Medicine Possible?

The headline I’ve chosen for this article is a bit strange, as it focuses not on medicine, as such, but on healthcare. However, healthcare is so firmly associated with the «impassible» bureaucratic system, while I would like to focus on the content aspect – treatment and prevention which, as a matter of fact, people need.

Problems in healthcare are brewing. Everybody is worried about the modern healthcare system’s capability to provide the society (or at least its largest part) with high quality «medicine» (treatment and prevention) and the possibility of offering such medicine to citizens free of charge.

Dispatch Center of the Republic of Tatarstan Healthcare Ministry. Monitoring of vascular diseases. Experience.

The paper presents an approach to solving an actual task of monitoring vascular diseases with the scale of a Russian region. It’s not a secret that vascular diseases are the top reasons of the population’s mortality rate.

Innovative technologies of a region’s healthcare system management

ATRIA Group international holding operates in the field of developing and improving informational-analytical management systems for enhancing effectiveness of healthcare. The holding develops regional systems in compliance with the principle of full compatibility, full disclosure and involvement in the medical informational space, and also management systems for medical facilities of different levels and classes.