The 13th International research and practice conference Technologies of Innovative Healthcare (TIH) will take place on June 10-11 in Kazan

The 13th International research and practice conference Technologies of Innovative Healthcare (TIH) will take place on June 10-11 in Kazan. It is organized by the Corporative Information Routines company and is held with involvement of the Republic of Tatarstan Healthcare Ministry and Tatarstan Ministry of Informatization and Communications.

The conference is held for the 13th year in a row. It is one of the most significant events in the field of medical information technologies in the Russian Federation, where healthcare departments’ representatives and subject matter experts from Russia, the CIS, and other foreign countries gather annually.

Heads of region administrations, representatives of health departments of republics and provinces, ministries and city healthcare committees, authorities, chiefs of compulsory medical insurance funds, leading clinics and companies from Russia, Europe, and Asia are expected to participate in the conference.
At the conference you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with innovative developments in medicine and healthcare, establish mutually beneficial contacts, share your knowledge and experience with colleagues, which will definitely be of value for both Russian and foreign participants.

The conference themes include the following:

Outlining prospective directions of developing information systems in healthcare;
Presentation of modern intellectual solutions in the field of healthcare management and protection of medical information;
Review of the state-of-the-art solutions in information technologies for enhancing the effectiveness of healthcare management;
Prospects of the Russian Federation healthcare modernization program for 2014-2020;
Discussion of the ways of cooperation and interaction between different departments for enhancing the effectiveness of healthcare management.

Every year the conference becomes a venue where opinions and approaches are united, experience and problems are discussed. It demonstrates the most up-to-date IT solutions for healthcare which provide means of improving work efficiency of doctors, medical facilities and the whole regional healthcare my means of automating routine processes, controlling expenditures of government funds and application of allocated resources.

The 13th International research-to-practice conference “Technologies of Innovative healthcare” is by tradition held in Kazan – one of Russia’s most beautiful cities.

To take part in the conference, you need to register at the website

Medical facilities don’t have to pay the participation fee.