The project is open for all people who aren’t indifferent to the future of our healthcare, who is ready to think, work, and embody their ideas.
Rustam Sungatov,

Dr.Sc in Economics, Professor

«When we talk about medicine as an aspect of human activity, we constantly face an objective contradiction. Medicine is an art, thus it is elitist and individual-centered. Society needs an industry of medicine, but at the level of art.

Yes, medicine is a great art. An art requires only talent. Where can we find a sufficient amount of talent? We need a system, a standard, a self-supplementing and self-developing system to provide an element of art in medicine while approaching the solution of the objective contradiction»

(From the report at the 1st inter-regional scientific-practical conference «Improving Efficiency of Healthcare Management», Kazan, December 3, 2002)


4 May 2014

The 13th International research and practice conference Technologies of Innovative Healthcare (TIH) will take place on June 10-11 in Kazan


Is High-Quality Public Medicine Possible?

(27 November 2011)

The headline I’ve chosen for this article is a bit strange, as it focuses not on medicine, as such, but on healthcare. However, healthcare is so firmly associated with the «impassible» bureaucratic system, while I would like to focus on the content aspect – treatment and prevention which, as a matter of fact, people need.

Problems in healthcare are brewing. Everybody is worried about the modern healthcare system’s capability to provide the society (or at least its largest part) with high quality «medicine» (treatment and prevention) and the possibility of offering such medicine to citizens free of charge.


21 June 2014

On June 10-11 in Kazan took place XIII International Conference “Technologies of Innovative Healthcare” (TIH), established and hosted annually by “Corporate Information Routines (CIR)” and “DICOM Consulting” companies.

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